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Traversing Branches to Trunk

Creager, Greg

We just started using Statsvn  to gather stats on our release. We have branched the release to do final deployments so we are running this on the release branch. We realized that it does not work if your log date range takes you from your branch to trunk, you get errors like below.


It took me awhile troubleshooting trying to find the issue, when I noticed the log file only referenced trunk changes (before the branch/copy) I thought that may be the problem. I did a switch on the branch to trunk and it worked. My issue with this is that the process just got more complicated, you need to find out when you branched and run statsvn before and after that time on trunk then the branch.


Is this going to be addressed or what is the limitation?


c:\workspace\scmwork\5.1_vr>java -jar C:\statsvn\statsvn.jar -no-developer ipg-d

fe-build -output-dir test_client_controller_sprint13   test_client_controller\sv

n.log test_client_controller

Oct 30, 2014 4:10:13 PM net.sf.statsvn.util.JavaUtilTaskLogger info

INFO: StatSVN - SVN statistics generation


Parsing SVN log 'test_client_controller\svn.log'No exclude pattern

Scheduled 0 svn diff calls on 0 threads.

Generating report for /comps/test/test_client_controller/trunk into test_client_


Using default CSS file (objectlab-statcvs.css)

memory usage After Build: 0.0 kb

The repository object is not valid. Please check your settings.

Possible reasons:

1/ Did you use the option -v to create the SVN log

2/ Is the log file empty?

3/ Do you run from a checked out directory (you should)?

4/ Do you have non-committed items?


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