does not match expected revision & has no revision

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does not match expected revision & has no revision

I am getting following error messages while using StatSVN.

        Revision of xxx/yyy/zzz.xsd does not match expected revision

        File xxx/yyy/zzz.xsd has no revision

        could not get line count for 'D:\XXXS\YYY\ZZZ/xxx/yyy/zzz/Release/Win/Winmobile/Pocket PC 2003 (ARMv4)': java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\XXXS\YYY\ZZZ\xxx\yyy\zzz\Release\Win\Winmobile\Pocket PC 2003 (ARMv4) (Access is denied)

Following is the first few lines immediatly after issuing StatSVN command

        C:\statsvn>java -jar statsvn.jar D:\XYZ\branches\svn.log D:\XYZ\branches
        Dec 3, 2012 2:31:16 PM net.sf.statsvn.util.JavaUtilTaskLogger info
        INFO: StatSVN - SVN statistics generation

        Parsing SVN log 'D:\XYZ\branches\svn.log'No exclude pattern
        Scheduled 0 svn diff calls on 0 threads.
        Generating report for /branches into
        Using default CSS file (objectlab-statcvs.css)

I am using following svn log command to generate log file.
        svn log -r {2012-09-30}:{2012-11-30} --xml -v > svn.log
        svn log -r {2012-11-30}:{2012-09-30} --xml -v > svn.log
        svn log -r 1143:1169 --xml -v > svn.log
Please let me know if these commands are wrong.

Please help me to resolve this error while generating output from StatSVN