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svnstat taking long time

Hi guys ,

i have a large svn repo , so . wanted to get the svnstat for year 2012 , so executed the following set of commands

svn co file:///svn/repo  /home/svnstat/repo

 cd /home/svnstat/repo
 svn log -v --xml -r {2013-01-01}:{2011-12-31} > /home/svnstat/logfile/log.xml  

#Please not that log.xml is 313M file

Then i ran the ,

 java  -mx5500m -jar /home/svnstat/statsvn-0.7.0/statsvn.jar  /home/svnstat/logfile/log.xml  /home/svnstat/repo   -output-dir  /home/svnstat/carbon-outdir/

Jan 3, 2013 12:37:42 PM net.sf.statsvn.util.JavaUtilTaskLogger info
INFO: StatSVN - SVN statistics generation

Parsing SVN log '/home/svnstat/logfile/log.xml'No exclude pattern

now its more than 4hours process still stack in that in that out put , What could be the reason for this , is it due to large logfile (313M) . is that process still parsing log even after 4 hours ..

Please help

Thank you